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Commercial Consulting

Hedge Solutions is a leading energy cost management consultancy.  We provide commercial and industrial consumers of natural gas, electricity, heating oil, diesel and gasoline with strategies to manage their energy expenses, improve procurement practices, enhance the understanding of the energy markets, and consequently increase competitive advantage.

We are a boutique advisory firm with proven knowledge and expertise. Specialties include risk management, strategy evaluation and development, energy procurement, business consulting and advisory, data management as well as market intelligence and analytics. Unlike large consultancies, Hedge Solutions can offer personal, customized and flexible engagements of all sizes and scope. And our fees are far lower than the large consultants making our services more accessible to small and mid-size businesses.

In addition, we offer many services under one roof.  Examples of common deliverables include:

“Energy Health Check”

  • A comprehensive audit of your energy buying practices to ensure efficiency and cost control.  This can be as short as 1-3 days or up to a month depending upon your profile and needs

“Total Management”: Complete Oversight of Fuels, Natural Gas and Electricity Portfolios

  • Hedge can manage your entire energy procurement process
  • Expertise in all energy sources, both supply chain and price risk management
  • We can educate you about deregulated gas and electric markets
  • Design a model to offer real time assessment of your entire energy strategy in aggregate

RFP Process: Planning and Execution

  • Adoption of critical RFP and agreement language to protect your interests
  • Ensure transparent prices and indices (if deal is constructed on “cost plus”)
  • Selection of appropriate vendor based upon both price and service/logistics quality
  • Click here to learn how we helped a large ferry service grapple with diesel prices…

Energy Management Packages

  • Combination of various services customized for your needs
  • Attractive Package Pricing
  • Example: Energy Health Check followed by RFP Roll Out

Hedging and Trading Services Through Northland Energy

  • Full service trading firm
  • OTC model allows for highly flexible hedging instruments

Morning and Evening Market Reports (by subscription)

  • Pipeline: Provides a recap of overnight market events and the day’s hot topics
  • Evening Energy Report: Offers fundamental and technical review and price direction analysis