Dear Hedge Solutions: This letter is to thank you for all of the technical support and advice we have received from you during the 18 months since we began our business relationship. We are pleased with the results we have been able to achieve by hedging our oil purchases.

Chris Behrens
Dowling Fuel Company, Ridgefield Park, NJ

Congratulations on 20 years! Peace of mind is the value I get from Hedge Solutions! I am always confident that the advice I get is going to produce the results that I need! When I first met with Hedge Solutions 18 years ago, the light came on and I finally understood how all this works. I also love the customization and flexibility I get from Northland on the trading and I know the premiums are always competitive.

John McCall
Wilcox Energy, Westbrook, CT

Hedge Solutions has been my partner for hedging and procurement for over 15 years. Trust and accountability are empirical values for me! That's why we stay with them year after year! I don't know how we would have ever improved our service to our customers if it weren't for you guys helping us throughout the ups and downs in this market.

Jeff Seaman, Fuel Manager
H.B. McClure, Harrisburg, PA

Congratulations to Hedge Solutions for 20 years! You have been an enduring and steady partner guiding us through incredibly volatile times. I don’t see how this works without you.

Peter Bourne
Bourne’s Energy, Morrisville, VT

Congratulations Hedge on your 20th year in business! With all of the hats I have to wear, it’s comforting for me knowing that I have the team at Hedge at my disposal and that our hedge program is expertly managed! The internal management tools like HedgeInsite and MarginTrak are game changers in the way I look at hedging and procurement as it pertains to my bottom line. Outsourcing this to Hedge and Northland has been a no brainer!

Craig Snyder, CEO
Wesson Energy, Waterbury, CT

With the uncertainty of the petroleum markets we have found that your insight has enabled us to increase both our volume and more importantly our margin per gallon. Our suppliers no longer have the experience or the time to advise us on the aspects of purchasing oil. More importantly, Hedge Solutions has provided me with an outside opinion on many other issues pertaining to the petroleum business that has enabled me to not feel alone in my decision making.

Bob Marandola
Marandola Fuel Service, New Milford, CT

Congratulations to Hedge Solutions on 20 years! I’ve been there for 14 of them. I have total confidence outsourcing procurement and hedging to them. Looking forward to the next 14 years.

Jim Robinson, President
AE Robinson, Dover Foxcroft, ME